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Psykiske sten

Your own path

Are you ready to become your own best friend? The One you are waiting for?

The anxiety and the Neuro impact. How true is your Heart? Are you waking up from the illusion of the self inflicted wounds? Why did you stay all those years when the Door was always open? A chance to belong? Cause being free is a state of mind.

The step away, was the step into your own path. One that built and became brighter, sunnier, happier. Slowly it had taken your hand and led you far enough away. The difference between the spaces obvious. Why did you stay?

Was the life threatening disease your spiritual awakening? Are you still wiping the sleep off your brow? Now that your true Eye is open, do you still tell the same story, or have you become mute...?

Does the happening to events beckon you to come into your own mad force of nature, your power, your softness, your strength and perseverance?

Did you learn to finally discern where you end and others begin, to know the difference in vibration and how subtle it just happens that you give your power away?

To know yourself from the masses of others' projections, emotions and wants, to know your own patterns and programming click like keys fitting instantly with certain locks?

Back home and upset with yourself for having known all along, but still not acting on wisdom?

Yes. That is the hardest part. Forgiveness. Kindness. Compassion for yourself.

Let your hands open.

Hold your heart and let it bleed.

Take the truth on the Rocks. Dust yourself off and be grateful.

For all the wisdom. All the stories. All the craft you brought with you. For getting back up. All the walks and communions with Trees and the sacred places. The books you read. The advice sought. The expansion of your Heart capacity. For cracking the barriers you put around your Heart. For learning to see people at their core being. Yourself and all your own fallacy and ego construction.

Be silent. And accept. You agreed to this. It's ok. Your soul is forever. The weaving is complex. You learn. You lOve.

A wave of energy comes by. Familiar. One drop of that and you are ready to rise. Again. Curious. Questioning. Adventurous.

One drop. And the answers you were looking for crash hard on your shore, like waves. You break like porcelain. And the Water washes over you. Cleansing and cool.

You know. Everything else falls away.

Crucial. Important. You were ready.

To be your own best friend.

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