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Psykiske sten

Wonderful stuff

Opening your hands to receive and give equally creates a balance that gently dissipates and erases any vibrational matches of belief of unworthiness. Coming into alignment with joy and soul's wants.

Manifesting is an art of equilibrium from within to the without. The World you dance through cannot collapse and change, no paradigm shifts before you see the matrix for what it is. It's not a fight. It's a realization. Real. I.

Knowingness is this freedom to create. Anything. Magical. That you are powerful. A wonder of stuff.

Energy of action mirrors intentions like an echo in eternity. Instantly delivering your dreams to you. A million butterflies picked you up and carried you onwards. On the fields of gold they left you to see the first Sunrise of forever. In a world where the Day never ends you miss seeing the Stars. Careful with your wishes and forge anew.

Trust this: The love in your soul is forever. Eternally there. With it you can build worlds. Create abundantly. Give and give and give some more. The more you open your heart to this one and simple truth, the greater the joy. It's a relief to stop keeping score. To surrender all. To release any pain, hurt or suffering. It is all temporary anyway. A second.

Everyone carries this potential within. All here to return to this knowing. All wanting, longing for the home coming.

See this in your neighbor, your friend, your family, the stranger in the street, your teachers, all the people in the world... We are all that.

In the act of blessing another lies a care for each other. Unconditional love. Why should you care for another?

Ask your soul this question and observe what happens.

In this new world of knowing a forever of love and abundance, limitless opportunity, what world will you create?

It begins with you. You are that important.

You are the One everyone else is waiting for.

Art by Masaaki Sasamoto.

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