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Psykiske sten

Upcoming Equinox

The shimmer effect of close to Equinox Sun on late Summer still warm Sea permeates the sight and lights up the inner sight.

Diamond-cascade running with the veins to the Heart.

Every cell response.

The inner vibration sets into motion the urge to breathe under Water. The Wave comes. Gently.

An exhilarating reminder of the earlier calls into the Void.

That things are reciprocative. In relation of cause and effect.

That mirror of your manifestation.

The glitter upon your naked body as you effortlessly glide through this wet matter. A different element, perhaps, but it's close enough to that peripheral edge of a realm you know you are a better fit for.

The in-between-ness. Closer to there than here. Serene presence. Wordless. Out of the houses.

You know that the people who come here are looking for the same beyond as you do. You see it in the tilting of their heads, the star-fixed gaze in their eyes. A place to belong effortlessly. Time has no power here.

At One, who has needs?

It lasts forever, before the pull from obeying a will beyond yours calls you back. A greater purpose. And you know instinctively you obliged.

You take the promise of exactly that what the Darkness and its nourishing healing provides for the Fall coming. The beginning of a Winter cycle before the return of the Spring Light. As always.

The Salt sticks on your body and hair. Thus initiated, anointed, held and kissed by the Ocean Mother, rebirthed for the next Season, you return to the reality of your most outstanding performance yet.

Knowing you get to return to that Sea. Again and again. Reconnected. Out of time. In to Forever. Transcending the laws of this realm and it's cyclical movement.

The diamonds run in your veins to light up your Soul and make your Heart shine. Here comes the portal time.

You are ready.

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