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Psykiske sten

Times of initiation

Creating, still, a life of vibrational frequency response to the calibrated state of your cOre. The inner Constellations latches onto matter and envelopes your existence in events as a projection of your design, your conscious choices and the ones you may still have to accept as your own.

A discerning of who and what you let into your Cosmos is needed. Distracted you will be easily lulled into a certain numbness that feels welcome, soothing even, in these complicated times. Be aware and stay choosing consciously. Stay awake.

It feels mad, really, that the more we set this World on fire instead of on Fire, the greater the need for entertainment to escape. Have you noticed how everyone seems plugged unconsciously into reels and life hacks on social media? - as if the greater the need for attention to crisis the shorter the attention span grows.

Are these days complicated, or is there an anticipation following a construct of chaos, war, disease, fear, a crash of economy, shift of paradigm and the collapse (at last! some may be tempted say out loud) to cover up the uncomfortable truth, that we as a species are coming closer and closer to terminate ourselves. Worry not about Nature, She died a long time ago, innocense is unobtainable, we are guilty for just being alive in the world we built to please us, because survival at all cost was the ultimate choice. Us before anything.

The Giants are shifting, so too should we be, and we will, as everything breathes together. We will be pushed onto uncomfortable realities because we have already decided to wake the F up.

Perhaps we are here, then, to learn to live again, to lOve again, to see through the eyes of compassion, to forgive unkindness in a world where the basis of existence is from day one a panic for not being supported, being loved, being utterly depending on some one else's affection and nourishment. It's a tough pattern to break free from. Some do question it, explore the innate critical stance pounding behind their every heartbeat as soon as they remember their own will to think for themselves, a memory of being- an eternal being full of immense powers and abilities to transcend the illusion of limitations and the fear programming. They then go on to shining that wisdom as a beaming Light everywhere they go.

Even if it is particularly Dark where they journey. They stay. Endure. Shine brighter. Even when pushed, fought, put down, ridiculed, kicked, burned, trialed. Those are capable of Forgiveness. Breathing through the heartache, the pain. Knowing something far greater than the temporary hurts and aches of this Realm It becomes easy when you stick to the Truth of your Heart.

There is still Time. There is still hope.

Days follow now of beckoning initiation. Thresholds. New beginnings. Equinox. New Moon in Cardinal Fire. Pluto enters Aquarius. For a while. A portal. Are you ready? Eclipse New Moon again in Cardinal Fire just on the Threshold of Fixed Earth. Sowing those seeds. Before the retrogrades. As usual, beautifully, wildly intelligently orchestrated. As if we had a choice. Are you ready?

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