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Psykiske sten

A Ritual for rebirth

Opdateret: 4. nov. 2022

The layers shed.

The Heart opening. For the first time.

A new breath - inhaling Life. Exhaling the life within and sharing it with life.

This pulse is new.

Things let go and thrown in the Fire.

No Rain yet, but the fog and misty wet Air make for the perfect manifesting of the Veil, where shadow and death dance joining the funeral of every former version of this human being in this mad but beautiful realm.

No longer able to touch or stick they become un-real. Phantoms of self illusory repeated stories of a girl no one ever really knew.

Questions asked in the Space of questions go forever unanswered, and only the eternal echo of the sweet nothing that followed, made her finally understand, they were make believe and empty.

She stopped visiting the realm of questions. Allowed the bubble to burst.

Allowing rather than forcing. Releasing to becoming.

All layers shed. Pain accepted. Something births or dies through her, she's not sure anymore. But lets it happen.

It arrives timely. In the doorway of exchange she meets herself for the first time.

Breathe through your Heart, she says to the Woman of becoming.

And everything and nothing, eternity and origin connect within that first real breath.

Knowing herself at long last, unmasked, unveiled, openhearted and free from past pain, she knows deeply she doesn't know who she is.

In the dawn of Winter she accepts the cocooning hibernation Darkness offers.

To allow this time to nurture, rest, be curious, learn, feel, be and breathe.

Times like these to learn to live again. Times like these to learn to lOve again. A new day rising with a brand new Sky to hang the Stars upon tonight. Time to leave it all behind.

Time and time again.

Happy Samhain.

Happy portal time.

Art credit: Starlit Darkness by Tijana Lukovic

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