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Psykiske sten



Such is truth.

Yet the labyrinth of the mind and sometimes also the hope in your heart, lead you on detouring narratives.

The heart ironically knows truth to be simple and therefore wants to shortcut to happiness and peace, as in these depths of your soul stream, you remember lOve to be your very being, but hope is a force of its own and when fed the smallest crumb of illusion, it can weave epic stories of grand adventure and belief, that certain events will come to pass if only....

If only.

Somewhere in between discerning the real from the unreal, the simple truth vibrates.

When portals open for you, you reach out for the door behind the door. You step into opportunity for rare release.

You are let in on the outside in-ness to observe things from reverse, mirrored.

In these rare observation rooms, that only can hold you for as long as perhaps a moment, an hour, a couple of days, because the gap closes and you must come out, you can't stay eclipsed forever, you see clearly.

Trusting, surrendering and letting go doesn't come around that often, so it's time to get things done, you could be waiting a whole lifetime and sit out returning to these realms under these planets, fixed stars and alignments for eons.

You realize the intelligent connection in the web. How all things work together.

The pain in your body is a pain in your emotional body, and in the way you think about it and it vibrates in your spirit as well and beyond.

Denying pain its passage through you when you have agreed to release it by coming here, orchestrating through great complexity and weaving certain events to trigger the healing, you finally allow it.

You treat it with lOve. Kindness. Compassion. A very rare guest and quest.

You ask it what it needs. Not necessarily what it is or where it comes from, the answer would probably overwhelm you, but you can if you want.

The truth it holds is simple.

But in this realm we as a collective species- humans- bound by Earth laws and physics- have decided that pain, depression, disease, death and darkness are unpleasant things that must be avoided at almost anything, we certainly don't want to have people around who are going through that kind of stuff, we tend to leave them alone.

If we experience pain, darkness, depression and disease ourselves we too tend to want to make it go away, or to fix it asap, so we can return to our 'happy', pain free lives immediately.

We overlook the greater cycle of our lives. That our souls are eternal, and karma, growth and evolving are far greater cycles than the ever so short ones we are experiencing on Earth.

Pain holds the most beautiful opportunity for healing. If you can listen to it. Welcome it. Allow all the unpleasant things and treat them with care, compassion and safe passage. You are its doorway, its rare portal happening at a complex woven moment in time.

You are its Eclipse. Its Samhain. Its threshold, its womb, you're the Void it births on from.

No Woman denies her baby its birth.

I feel that if we can change perspective, healing becomes easier, because we realize everything is not personal, no thing is necessarily happening to us, but sometimes through us, with us, or we are happening to things.

So if you are experiencing any of these, breathe through your Heart. Allow.

You are held by and woven from far greater lOve, than you know.

So know it.

Peace be yours.

Art credit: Tijana Lukovic

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