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Psykiske sten

Rare magic

A rare magic is rising again.

One that draws matter from those creative spaces of a particular ether. Its nature is symphonic.

This creative force weaves synchronous events upon its participants and plays their hearts' strings a well known melody, that is audible and recognizable only to them.

When they meet again, they will ask each other: Do you hear it too? And they will reply simultaneously: I thought it came from you. I followed it and there you are.

These events are not happening yet in the physical. They are images dancing somewhere in a not yet happening reality, one with a linear structured mind logically would call 'future'. In this alternate reality they are but potentialities. Possible outcomes.

The cosmos opens its Doorways and Passages. Rare stellar events. Some destinations were left unfolded, uncharted, raw and safe for better times under those Stars that would yield from them a solid and suitable baseline to the passionate and forceful composition now the orchestra has joined together after many auditions and rehearsals for fine-tuning this score.

It has not arrived yet.

She sees it in the matter that is revealing its plans of creativity to Her. She begins to Shine. The Two Suns ready to shine just for you. She feels it.

Memories of poetry. Of two Roses. Promises that were kept Of crossing through Oceans of Time to find each other. They come like ancient whispers through the Night. The Dreamscape, sound-, soul- and Heartscape merge into one reality, and from there everything manifests. Images dancing. Knowing.

The joining of those forces. Rare Unions.

In the wake state of the Earth-scape the reality of duality, polarity and slow-ness She waits for it to actualize. Synchronicity. Irony. Signs. Is what that Ether communicates. When she holds them in the palm of her hand- like that Flower of 'what if' - like psychometry - his Heart reveals himself to her. A reciprocation.

It doesn't drive her mad anylonger.

She smiles now for knowing that this cosmic treasure hunt is magical.

Reality is always alternate when you know what matter and magic truly consist of. Learning its language is synchronicity, astrology, symbols, dreams, musical scores only few hear.

You turn your head and notice the Signs at just the right time. A mirroring, an affirmation. Attuning to the frequency of Cosmos you are on rare occasions invited to witness the weaving.

Before it manifests. If it manifests. Maybe it stays there... In the alternate reality, waiting for the better times under the right Stars.

Dreaming, then, is that place you go to let your Heart breathe.

Knowing unconditional love is forever and has no need for anything.

Image: Kasia Derwinska 'Live the life of your dreams'

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