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Psykiske sten

On karma-related pain

They said: 'At any given moment you can let go. Set your own Heart on Fire and know who you are.

Come beyond the barriers. Understand what pain is. Embrace it. Trace it. Optional. Are you ready to let go? Can you?

And if you are still bound to it, carry it with acceptance. Perhaps it is Karma. Then you learn about Karma, to know Yourself. If you're here to grow from unresolved experience, then that's the best thing for you. Life is Forever. You are not here forever. Engage now you have created the opportunity - it's like having rented the Royal Theatre for your BIG graduation party and deciding to not show up and miss out on all the fun.

When you allow yourself the freedom to journey inwards to your core, you will meet yourself.

Who am I? may be your question.

I am that I am, will be the answer.

The loving presence that connects everything to everything is in the Void, is in the making, is in the dawn and sets of all things and non-things. It doesn't want anything from you, only everything you are. It knows you so when you feel that presence you instantly wordlessly know yourself. It is not about becoming, it is about just being. Breathing is enough.

If you are here, your Mission isn't over. You are loved and held. That principle will never go away.

In this enveloping, all encompassing loving presence your own Light begins to shine You are that Presence within. You are held. Eternal. You can do all things miraculously. Let go of control. Entitlement. Just this being.

You can let go of fear. Tracing fear back to origin, questioning it, moving beyond it naturally dissolves it.

Just for a while to let the experience change your understanding of Life.'

In this space I asked my right arm, that is in pain, what it needs, what is the pain? She said: I'm so frustrated and exhausted. I have overworked to try and fix, heal the world by doing doing doing, working, writing and especially to defend our life. To protect us from harm. To prove we have a place a purpose. And I failed. I don't work, obviously.

Obviously, I said to my arm. There is nothing to defend or protect. You can stop and rest. It's not our job to fix and heal. Let's find the balance between doing and being. Giving and receiving. Perhaps it's Karma. So take a break while I adjust to this new awareness.

The World I am in is new. Changing perspective. Breathing and letting go of old scripts, beliefs and programming. Fear based. Earthly laws.

I remember now: I am in this World, not of it. I'm so much more than this skin this hair this body. I'm the Light within. I'm eternal.

We are eternal.

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