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Psykiske sten


'Let go' whisper all Her gentle waves, pulling at my legs, my feet as if to knock me over.

I realize I don't know how anymore. I lie instead flat on the shore, Heart to Heart with the Earth Mother and align with Her pulse. It always calms me. Listening to Her songs. Knowing there are plenty still to share with the world. I smile remembering our old pact.

The fear has been cut off of me, happiest apparently when I can see my way back home. The door is always open, now. Eternity pulling. Gravity less. Asking each day humbly where is my calling. Who needs me here? 'You' Imagine that. Being here for oneself.

Imagining then the jewel in the teardrop, the ocean within the drop, the universe in me.

'He has nothing you need' The voice continues. 'Let go of any emotional reaction and you will know you are happy. When you do, you will feel held. Eternally safe instead of afraid, identifying with longing removes you from knowing you have everything you need in this very moment'

It sounds true. Easy. But I am full of tears, still. Anger, some say. I don't feel angry. I feel powerful. Able to channel will power into dancing for hours, still. Writing intensely. Getting things done. I've been angry. These days mostly lonely. Empty. In a void. Wondering what purpose I have. So I ask. 'You'

I swim finally. I have been waiting and healing all Winter for swimming. In this Water. These colors. This serenity. 'Let go' I turn around and lie back. Pulse pounding. Heart racing. I let go She holds me gently, saltly. Rocks me in Her arms. A child in the Primordial Ocean. The feeling is heaven. Easy. Light. Held as I let go Sun on my face. I close my eyes and tune into the Sea in my ears. Singing. Odd songs. Different than the Earth songs. Bluer. Deeper.

Beautiful. I wonder who's singing. 'You'

I do this all day. I can't get enough. Reconnecting. Singing inside again. A new Song. An Ocean tune. Held.

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