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Psykiske sten

New Life

Noticing in these quiet days with little distraction how easy the mind is released. Unbusy and disengaged in activities to numb out undisturbed and raw inspiration it comes at you like a freight train.

Delayed emotional responses from long past situations, conversations had, injustice done and inflicted, silly drama, goodbyes, grief, shock....

Even beauty, love, happiness. These things are not consciously nor deliberately chosen as reminiscens, they come back from the ether to mirror your defining moments that became your stories, added to your lustre. The dead ones are alive once again, always with you, and you notice the ones who stop visiting. Those are the ones you don't miss anymore. As if their purpose is now elsewhere.

Songs carry sentiments from situations, like letters full of secrets shared. You look around for those you shared them with, but they are gone.

You realize you are it. The one who holds the chords to the symphony that is your life. Regardless of who is still here or gone. It was all you. Always.

Mirrors held up. To cleanse, release, find peace with it all. To leave it as it is. To ready yourself to come into a timeless life with everyone and everything. Age does not matter. Being here or there.

Something else begins to grow from within. Alignment with all one's potential and gOd is it. All you need for this now.

You realize you cannot plan nor care for preoccupying your mind with something that doesn't serve the sOul. Slow. Stable. Detached. Sure.

The rain and the weather are perfect for the transformation. Lying in the hot Sun you would be having a conversation. You need peace.

To release and allow your delayed emotional responses.

You are it.

Just allow. Life is about to start.

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