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Psykiske sten

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Walking ahead. Away.

To be able to be with Her. Alone.

In stillness. To listen. Reconnect.

It seems there is much disturbance in the force field lately. Perhaps it is just mine.

A mirror. It is always a mirror.

The noise of constant chatter. The irritating noises of people.

I don't understand why I have become this sensitive. But I have to be in this world. With its many people.

But here... No.

I want to be with Her. The lOve emmanating from every where. The green. Her special perfume that stays on my hair and arms long after I leave. Her oils anointing me. Inviting me.

Arms reaching out for a comforting embrace. The mosses soft and healing. She carries my feet where they tread. Forgiving me instantly for every step that destroys flowers, grasses or beetles below.

This kind of silence is rare. A treasure. A luxury.

To be able to hear places we must learn to quiet our minds. To attune. To pay respect. It is a shift in attitude. A difficulty, if one feels naturally superior. But if you succeed, She will show you much more than you can imagine. Patience, yes, but more importantly.. Love for Her. Compassion. Being humble. Asking. Waiting.

The experience will change you. You will know something that no one else can teach you. You can't read it in a book. It's not about your intellect. And soon it will be too late, for no one will teach you. No school, no university, no people left to tell these Stories. It will be lost. Unless you go out and let it happen to you.

I come back from the fields, the forests, the lakes and the world is a better place. I'm a better person.

She heals. She stills. She talks to the upset within. The pain and sorrow. In words that are soothing and loving. Endless compassion She holds for all of us. Unconditional love. Abundant healing. Never ending faith in us.

That we will figure it out eventually.

Peace. Co-existence. Harmony. Balance. Then... Co-creation. Expansion. Joy.

She makes me calm. Knowing a little more. Faith-restored. Opens my eyes to those wonders.

And takes away the anger and frustration for the mindless pollution and destruction and carelessness and the state of the world.

She heals my wounds. Opens the Heart for forgiveness. To learn to love again. To continue. To keep trying.

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