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Psykiske sten


You are already not here.

In fact you never were.

Earth life is an illusion.

Its laws are accepted limitations, bound by overall principles. It is evident in the polarity of energy. In duality of perception.

Good. Bad. Love. Hate. Light. Dark.

Even colors are limited. Emotional expressions are too. Souls often feel imprisoned in their human bodies, because they are primarily translating experience of stimuli; physical, mental, emotional, energetical and all things beyond, if so inclined and thus sensitive to sense and see beyond the veil of this Earth realm and her companions, whom you perceive as the Solar system. Your bodies are functioning as well to serve your soul journeys as vessels through which you experience numerous growth opportunities as well as exchange with other souls, in the ways that you call dharmic but also karmic.

Your soul is capable of unlimited expression and experience, and you carry a memory of this from time in other realms and dimensions that were bound and built by different principles.

Life and Death are polarized perceptions of the Earth experience. Truly, it is like breathing. In. Out. The Space between is the door to eternity. You go there all the time without dwelling on the experience of it. Because it is so fast. Quickly over. Then inbreath. Or outbreath. Life and Death are like that.

Your body is an expression of gOd. For this life. Magnificent. Capable. Accept its limitations. Listen to its intelligence. It has wondrous stories to tell. It stores memory. It is loaded with karma. Perhaps you could allow this to pass through undisturbed and do as little as possible. Listen to the Song of joy echoing in the corners of your soul and those souls bound by your pain as well. The freedom that follows.

There are far more complex weavings than you know.

Not one thing cures all. No one story or experience is the same.

Take your time to listen inwards.

Like now.

You are well. You are healed. You have more obligations still.

When you are done with this experience you know it and you gladly leave.

It is not 'death' experience you fear. It is this 'life' experience. The memory of pain. Human pain. Hurt. Abandonment. Neglect. Untimely and unrighteous manipulation of life and death. Of being killed. Of being controlled and oppressed by other humans because of their fears and imbalances. For being you. At the mercy of others. Judgment. Conviction. Waiting for the violation of your body. It's a collective memory. The Earth holds a vibrational field for the cry of humanity and all their wars, their killings, their aggression, their power displays, their violence. There is ongoing karma for this because souls suffer amnesia and are seduced by the physical experience. Karma can be ended instantly if the proper work is done.

Decide to be curious about how much you are involved in the collective memory of pain and see where your experience of death has trapped you. Is it truly yours?

If not leave the field and come into the Knowing.

You are already not there.

You were never there.

You are always here. In the realm of gOd.

Never ending. Eternal.


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