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Psykiske sten


Privileged to have time.

Time, ironically, has become a treasured commodity in this part of the world. Time to let my mind go. To quiet the constant self talk of should do's.

Of plugging in to the everyday and its busyness. Keeping one engaged, and thus unable to fully hear the callings, feel the pulling in the soul, the legs, the gravitational force, the longing, the craving to come out, to connect.

To be able to sleep until the body is fully rested. The astral journey ends. You are ready to come into a new day. Here.

Upon waking asking: Where is my purpose today? How may I serve? What can be done? And wait for the answer. Not the ego demand, nor a programmed one. The expectations of a false society.

You kinda know now, what you picked up on decades ago, that something is off in this world. The values are unaligned with love and compassion, with anything you know to be true. Aliens walk this Earth, and you are IT!! You know it if everytime you listen to the news you deliberately switched off also decades ago, you shake your head in disbelief of the collective opinions being expressed that are light years away from anything that resembles wanting to care for each other, this Earth, Gaia consciousness and create from love.

So, you have seen that living a life that serves your own soul in deep relationship with gOd, eternity and love is the only life to live, and you have unplugged yourself from as much of the 'real world' as possible, although you know that engaging with it also serves your physical self, you pay your bills, rent and food, but other than that, unless directly approached, asked, and sought after, you keep to yourself.

It's not that you have given up, you just live in knowing.

Thus being able to know by intuition and alignment with plan where to go. Pulled. It takes you to the right place at the right time. The World needs our care and attention.

We need to be taught a different way of being with what is our current Nature. I mean the part of our environment that is still green. How to live in balance. That is our only purpose from now on.

To learn how to live from a heart that is open to life. In respect for all life. With intentional compassion for the greater symphony. Of all living things.

Because I have time, time to be, time to be rested, time to listen to what my purpose of the day is, I was called to visit a 63 million year old geological place yesterday. An ancient seabed from the world and time before human beings. Here fossils can be found in large numbers. If you look carefully and have patience.

But I wonder what it is that turns places like these into tourist attractions and a treasure hunt frenzy. Everywhere I saw adults and children picking into the sacred Danien rock with chisels and hammers looking for treasure...?

I put my hands on the Rock and asked for a story.

Nobody waits for or reads stories anymore. I see no one with a book in their hands on the train. People going out to dinner sit with their phones in their own plugged in life. Kids are taking selfies and every second of their life is an Instagram story.

The other day walking in the forest I saw a man walking his kid in a baby buggy, but the kid was holding an Ipad watching cartoons. In the forest!!!!!?

On the news they talk about climate crisis out of control now, but the main concern is that tourism will be affected because people won't wanna go to places in Europe with forest fires and heat waves, and that will be bad for economy.

Yes, we plug out for these reasons. Unable to be part of it. Instead we try to show by example that there is still hope. There is still a way.

Walking away from the crowds I was gifted a reminder of the life before us, the humans. No hammer, no chisels. It was just lying there at my feet in the piles of flint and chalk, which too are essentially fossilized ancient life forms.

Looking at them through a magnifying glass whole other worlds reveal themselves. Magical. Beautiful. I wonder who appreciates that. Understands that.

To me it is pure wonder. Pure reconnection to ancestry and knowledge. Medicine. I share that in my work as a therapist. A healer. It's what makes me shine, it's what makes me able to hold other people, to give advice, that moves hearts and talks to souls.

So when people laugh at me for writing these things or hugging AND talking to trees, I tell them that they talk to their dogs, and it's the same thing. When I put my hands on the Rocks. It's the same thing.

Everything is alive.

I still believe that we can change direction. Not for us, humans. For ALL of us.

Because it's the right thing to do. Love is the only way to live. Let's do it.

And if you don't know how, seek out a teacher. I can tell you this much: Nature is the very best one.

Just be patient. Listen. Stay a little longer. Observe. Be silent. Connect. She will take you in and tell you Herstory, and your idea of history will be changed.

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