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Psykiske sten


The many stories and tales live inside Her. Still.

Questioning deeply the narrative Her discerning eyes scrutinize the Words that in past versions of Herself formed with poetic ease, inspired by the quest, fuelled by passion, woven from the golden liquid that She perceived to have merged between Her and a lover.

Words that fell beautiful and each with such vibration like the first Snow on Winter or that kind of gentle Rain on a Summer day in the Forest enhancing all the enticing scents and perfumes of Flowers, Trees and wet Soil. Easy to fall in love with, seducing the mind and dulling the senses. Wanting to be persuaded. Wanting the fairy tale.

She smiles, still, at the ability to play with Words.

Then she simply deletes them. Wanting to entertain no ghosts in a past She no longers lives in, nor wants to dwell in or keep company. There are no memories She needs to keep.

Noticing the shift in Perception of past events. Without judgement and a healed and healthy Heart and body, the realization of how everything connects and chain reacts releases the role in the play She had herself perform to be able to make the illusion of a Heart connected Sacred Union fit.

To a point it drove Her mad. Mad from hurting. Mad from codependency. Mad from repeating patterns. Mad from going in circles getting nowhere but around the merry-go-round, experiencing Ground Hog Day. Mad from being unable to fix it.

So mad it triggered all the Darkness, all that blackness from the depths of the Hungry Heart. Unleashed ... or set free? Hurting .... or healing?

The Fairy tale was real. All those beautiful experiences were Hers. She felt the essence of her own Heart. The magic was within Her. The ability to expand, explore and know Eternity of potential between Lovers. Getting up, dusting herself off, trying 10000 ways that didn't work only to realize the only thing that does!

That sacred union is a two way street. An ongoing collaboration of wanting to grow and self explore. Asking each other on a regular basis: Is there unity consciousness between us? Are we still willing to do the work on our own ego when we start projecting our past hurts on each other? The open Heart lets out stored trauma. No one can fix that for the other- it's an inside job.

And that... All that.. Did not exist. It simply wasn't there.

A message is delivered timely, just in time to accompany Her across the final threshold into a New Journey with the ultimate Love of Her Life:

'You didn't let it go, so we took it away from you, because it was holding you back.'

In the Dawn of Her New Journey anticipating the End of the Year, hibernation of Winter, the darkening Moon reached the Balsamic phase with a promise of A new Fire to kick start the Healed Heart to burn again, brighter, wiser.. Words of meditation reach just in time: 'inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency (...) seeking only that which gives deeper meaning and desiring connection with those whose presence fuels the hunger for meaningful union.' (Andrew Smith)

She promises Herself that even if She never experiences that with another Soul, She will always have that with Herself and gOd.

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