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Psykiske sten

Free at last

Opdateret: 30. okt. 2022

From the fresh Air that followed the heavy Rain and the thick clouds a newness rises.

Leaving fresh footprints in the wet soil, the moist grass. Foggy breath in the morning that is new. Heat meets cold. A space opens up for you to notice Her tiny smile in the Sky. The New Moon in her first hour.

Having arrived, yet again, at another mark. You thought you were somewhat done journeying, but you cannot stop moving, stop shedding, stop giving up that which weighs unwanted, unnecessary and unable to carry it any further you put it down. Knowing in these testing, slow growth, slow burning times surveilled and guarded by your Task and Key master absolutely everything that does not serve your sOul, or vibrate at a matching level has to go.

You accept to face hard on the shame, that unallowed feeling of putting yourself first and feeling good, better even, without the baggage, the disturbing or even draining energy from people or situations that kept feeding of your giving hand, but never returned to you any gratitude or kindness, but you know you somehow needed to see yourself truly and willingly, darkness, immaturity, Ego and agreed to transform, to heal, to fix and solve to earn your stripes. You got them now Tigress, let go.

No more time, hope and Heart wasted on people who are and always will be sleep walking through life. Doors that remain closed. No more lingering. I cast my dead mother into the Sea once again, as I did 8 years ago.

I am no one's daughter, no one's mother. The contract finished. Done. Dissolved in dust as it no longer has anything to do with me. I am my own. On my own. Free. I see clearly now the agreements and the illusion of pain. Unconditional love washes through and cleanses my angry Heart. And opens. Unclenching fists opens to receive the ever elusive Tomorrow I have arrived at. It's that time now. Beginnings of special kinds. I claim my Life. My path. My power.

The Joy is immense.

When you know you are being given the pen to write your own Story and you know what you want to write....

That day is big.

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