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Psykiske sten


It is through our emotions we connect.

Yes, emotions are not some scary thing that you need to be in control of or not display, or hold back to be a proper person, a good woman, a strong man or whatever we have allowed to dictate our behavior, our personalities, ourselves, our humanness, our experience on this Earth.

Emotional states are our ways of connecting beyond this realm and feel that thereness, there is always with us, within us, without us, surrounding every breath we take, supporting us, holding us, and it will be there when we depart this body that is woven from soil, stardust, metals, air, water, fire, decaying leaves, the breath of the animals, our neighbor, your hair, your skin and bones- your voice even- all made from the gravitational principles , the intelligence that exists and makes your journey here physical and possible.

But your emotions- those are the bridge you build to cross, to stretch out and reach that invisible hand, that is always there for you.

It is Love-Made, spun from the thread of Eternity and it holds you, it is you, it wants you.

This is why you are never alone, you are eternal, and you need to know it now, so you can die the little death, before you birth onto tomorrow, to Cosmos, to a new day or a new life in other realms.

Bless this amazing, flexible, strong and beautiful vessel that is your body- you built this in cooperation with the intelligence behind the web, the force that holds all things in perfect balance. It disintegrates, to be reborn, to decay, to explode and collapse, to live again, re-coordinated, clean, new.

You are a miracle. You are here. You are wanted. Life loves you, life wants you, draws from you, breathes through you. You matter. And you love life. Life matters to you. It's a cooperation. A pact. A vow. Ongoing. forever.

Trust your emotions to be all they are. Feel them, bless them, allow them, hold them in your palms as if they are a treasure- they are. They hold within them the direct link to all you are, all you have been, and all you are beyond this plane of existence. Yes even the intense ones, the dark ones, the angry ones. Question them. Be with them. Love them. They only turn on you, because you haven't allowed them- and so they grow. Invite them in, care for them- give them your voice until they are calm. They are all expressions of who you are. Does the star that collapse and explode pretend to be soft or polite, or does it just quake and crumble with massive force? It is temporary. You are temporary. Your emotions all come and go. Does the Thunder try to keep its roar down to not disturb any peace? Or does it crack like ice when it melts? Fire can destroy an also purify. Water can drown you or cleanse you, nourish you and hold you, but it pushes on you until you allow it passage through. Just like your emotions. Everything in itself holds all magnitudes and multitudes. That’s the magnificence of being.

All emotions are doorways to your soul and its eternal journey and vast possibility and opportunity to explore itself. Let it.

Then connect connect connect deeper. Feel that? That is you longing for home within. Go there. You are safe.

You are safe. The force behind everything is always love.

You know this. This is why you pushed on. No one told you. No one showed you. You just knew. And returned to love. Always. Always. Always. This is the force of gOd. This is the spark within you.

You are. I am.


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