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Psykiske sten

Celebrate yourself

Along with the special September Blue, infused with a certain emotional knowing rising from the depths of your soul.

You know.



Taking a moment to celebrate yourself.

For once.

Feeling like coming Home after years of journeying.

Searching for you. In the events you staged. Certain places. Looking especially.

Wisely lingering far too long in those shadowy valleys, empty rooms, pitch black hallways, as there the darkness hides far too easy.

Learning to see in the dark, your light projected back at you calling those ghosts by their names, one by one, back to source.

I found they were always longing to go home.

Celebrating the arrival to my Heart.

The journey.

The phasing of countless Moons. Celestial Flower sessions. Recalibrating the minerals in my cells.

Stroking the Fire-matter in my auras and chakras. Letting myself come up for Air. My true elements.

Grounding them then with love in each footstep.

Walking the path.

Energies and bodies aligning and centered around that Heartbeat.

I open my eyes, all of them, to see here and beyond.

I release the need to know my future after this weekend.

Cause I don't want to.

I am.

I am.

I am.

Feeling the joy and home coming after a very very long journey..

Knowing that which is coming. Inevitably.

All mine.

Remember to celebrate your journeys.

Your arrivals.

Your releases.

Your coming through the Darkness.

Naming your ghosts.

Celebrate YOU

Image credit: Unknown, but I like those Hot Air balloons

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