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Psykiske sten

Blue Moon

Bathing in the blue Light as She calls you out to dance with Her on the wet lawn.

Stirred from the Dreamscape and those irritating behind the looking glass like scenes mirroring the shift of unconscious to conscious truths that woke you up.

It's a kindness on your behalf, not there to make you feel ashamed.

You are an emotional being.

All this is - an acknowledgement of your denial. Asking your own release from it.

Come this way, don't be tired yet.

Soaking in it.

Soothing the wounds of the recent bleeding.

Lessening the hardcore. Your shadow easier faced in this softer Light. It feels more like a ghost in a dream.

Healing the stings from a burning Sun.

Wanting too much prematurely. Mistrusting the scheme of Things. Revisiting the same disappoinment to discover the momentum created was not a stitch in the Weaving. Illuminated in this Light you see clearly the illusions of your own Ego.

You recognize the similar material in the building blocks of the Matrix.

Compassion is spun instantly from the same thread that connects the Web to your Heart.

A force much stronger than the one that judges and shames.

How easy it is to get lost with all that Fire and Air. Too quick to slow down and take score, just once in a while.

Step back and wait. Breathe.

See what Doors open.

In the purity of these two Giants communing a welcome release, an opportunity to channel what is too often held back, ignored even, in all that happy-go-lucky.

Talking so loud, so clear, but no one seems to listen.

This Night a Blue Pool of silvery ripples beckons you to take a swim in Her Water.

For this simple realisation must be:

You are emotional.

These emotions needs a channel.

So come swimming more often.

The Blue Light is always available to you. It heals. Soothes. Nurtures. Holds. Makes you feel Safe.

Good Night and good Morning.

Image credit: Kasia Derwinska

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