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Psykiske sten

Being brave

Breathing in. Holding. Releasing the breath.

Is fucking scary. It allows life through and what it wants from you. A collaboration.

Breathe out so I can breathe you in, hold you in.

Source's intelligence is the force that connects you to the Web.

Suffering amnesia when converted to and choosing your space suit outfit for this Earth Journey -

'A little more Sirius light here, some Rigel stardust there, more Earth, please, no jeez, I asked for Mars in Taurus, and Uranus consciousness, but Mercury purity, we need to write, remember? Are you sure I should be doing this - can't we send Agent 11 instead? She's more experience with Human life and knows how to endure Fire and detaching from accusations from her time in the 1240's Europe...?'

You are always One. But you forget. It's easy to forget if you don't consciously choose to remember. And then do your questioning. Open. Aloud.

Fear holds within it an option to be curious. First. Love later. It's too extreme to move from one end of that polarity all at once. That creates suppression of emotional reaction. Being curious first takes you through the happening with your eyes open. Growing with it. Facing the ghost of your nightmare. Making friends with it.

I wonder what this will feel like. I wonder how it will be. This experience. I may be in pain. I may be scared. But it will all pass eventually. I will have to see. Being brave is just like being curious.

But you have to make peace with knowing whatever happens, you are loved. You are held by that Web and you can never not be an important part of it.

Most of us are still suffering Creator Creation wounds. It's not exactly fear of life or death, it's sheer horror of the unknown. The explorer experience that is linked to Cosmic Expansion.

We are little sparks of Source all complex but completely connected and one and the same.

Everyone we meet is family, however close or distant related.

Many are experiencing separation anxiety in these days. The pain of being denied access to union between the masculine and the feminine principles, whether between soulmates, twins or within ourselves.

How frustrating to still being unable to fully unite, even when being in each other's arms because there are still blockages, self protection, projections, triggers and work to be done on uniting within first and foremost. No short cut back home to Oneness.

Pain is always optional. But even when accepting pain, there is also choice of healing.

Being brave. Is being curious. Curiosity is allowing. Accepting. Flowing.

It helps you breathe through it. Allowing life in, so gOd can breathe you in and you can breathe gOd in.

The space between is the Union.

Fear is the Key.

You can avoid unlocking the door or you can open it and take a look.

Then you will Know.

No matter what, you are safe.

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