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Psykiske sten


The ability to hear- stretch it.

Opening all your senses to what you are. Become that.

You are walking this Earth missing the magic.

Only trusting and believing what has been tested. What is known.

Do you truly know your stuff? What you can do with it?

Walking in the forest, what do you feel?

Each Tree-being sings a song, humming odd tunes. All plants and animals visible to you invisible to you are there performing a presence, a manifestation frequency, that will impress you, as yours impress upon them.

Is it particular soothing, is it truly a calming wonder, that walking there steadies your heartbeat and stabilizes your brainwaves? Or is it simply bringing you into a state of origin, that makes you realize how far we humans have wandered from harmony with not only ourselves, but with nature, living natural lives, where coexisting with and knowing other beings to be equals, alive and wise - like Trees, Plants, Rocks, Rivers, Weathers, Animals.. plus all those we haven't named, because not everyone sees them or are able to commune with them- was part of our daily business.

They still sing.

When you come out the Forest and feel invigorated, it is because you have been embraced and caressed by the many tales of the lives in there.

Where life has different purpose. Symbiotic relationships.

Decay and rot allows for life to be cyclical.

Beauty is in the community.

Mutual respect for the lives. Knowing when to die to let something else live.

Everything is interwoven and connected.

We can't imagine anymore. We don't remember anylonger.

Which is why life like that has become strange and alien to us. Why we are mystified when we walk there.

And some are heartbroken for knowing they can not go back.

Those are seen hugging the Trees, sitting for hours by a Circle of Rocks placed by the ancestors thousands of years ago, hoping they'll come back to reveal why, or just staring into seemingly thin air upon dusk over the valleys to see the dance that goes on in the liminal space between day and night.

Life and how we are inspired to live it.

Our eyes have become closed for seeing the true wonders of this World.

Our minds dulled to stretch its unfathomable ability and potential for creating, manifesting, self healing.

We can do about anything, but we don't believe in it anymore. Or we have forgotten. Seduced by the 'logic' of this World. The 'news', the 'science revolution'.

We are told that magic is for children and it doesn't exist, or it cannot work.

We've become enslaved to a system that stops everyone from creating according to soul.

Our souls. Your soul. The web of creation. Cosmic intelligence. Love. God, if you will.

Money is a construct and we are all slaves to it.

If we take it away there is abundance of everything we could possibly ever want.

Isn't that just paradoxical?

Our minds and cultural habits have been so accustomed to this way of living, that only few seem to challenge it and think beyond.

Limitations and disbelief, insecurities and low self worth.

Only for believing this one thing: that there is only one way to live in this world. One way to see things.

I ask you today:

Why do you live the way you do?

How close are living your dreams to the reality you live in?

Art: Annelie Solis

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