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Psykiske sten


Walking by day our senses are dulled by expectation of leaving experience to the eyesight. Unless, of course, if you are one of those dreamy ones, who have their gaze fixed elsewhere, like an internal landscape situated in a galaxy far far away.

By night under a clear starry vault, something else penetrates your atmosphere and you breathe differently, should you venture beyond the confinements of your square four walls and suspend and replace the protective or, if you will, encaging, roof above your head.

Air feels fresher once it falls on you from layers of frost, but this night is special, as the darkness is full of light.

The Auroras are doing their dance among us, and even if our eyes are not nearly sensitive enough to catch them and hold them, we feel the touch, their blessing upon us.

The Forest is dark and cold but Her perfume invades my senses and make me naturally high. Thus initiated by darkness, first quarter Moonlight, star bathed and slightly intoxicated, I arrive at the end of The Ocean to be danced upon.

Oceania ads a complimenting perfumed scent of Salt and I am reminded of magic spells secretly shared under an ancient full Moon another place in another Life, on a mountain with a Lunar Sister in Rennes-les-Bains.

'Where Freshwater and Saltwater meets, a special magic is available to you'.

I come alive under these skies, in this place, on this night. Something rebirths in me, like a song forgotten and suddenly the words are sung back to you. The Green Auroras seem distant on the horizon now, but coming from farther North, it feels fated. Like a promise of a future elsewhere, a journey to return to, a promise to be kept. Still out there. With different actors perhaps, different circumstance, but still valid, still potent, still beckoning. I pledge to be coming. I vow to be following.

As if Life and Purpose are returning or recurring, as if finally finally finally, you awake from a long sleep and realize it was all a dream up until now. Up until now.

The Forest follows me home, as too a million stars above me. It is indeed magical to come out late at night. Soon the Darkness will have gone from this part of the World, and Midnight Sun will light up the days. If you need to feel the magic of Night… now is the time. Kissed by Auroras and ready for Spring. And ready for that future coming.

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