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Psykiske sten

As within, so without

Can you feel it already? It's been but a couple of days into this new consciousness beaming through your very core- latching on to the vibrational match, speaking through every cell, highlighting everything within you that is still sore, still wanting to come out to play you like a fool rather than the highly intelligent being that you are.

Remember that the cracks within you is where the light gets in. It’s alright.

There is no separation. Ok?

A while ago I received a download. That we have already decided to come together and change. This place. Ourselves. The Human Race. There is an unbelievable (notice the operative word!) balance to this. Some do leave. This plane. And go back to the Light. Birth on. Some of us stay here and help bring that balance to this world.

Because of this shift a lot of timelines will collapse, and it will happen fast, because that is what is needed. If you are experiencing hard core shifts and cleansing and confrontation with the unconscious part of yourself, rejoice. Just remember, there is no separation.

You are always in the hands of gOd. You already are with gOd. You are spark of gOd. Even when you feel lonely and alone, you are ONE.

I know several, including myself, who feel this time is hopeless. Who ask why are we still here, I have lived lives for at least 7 people and I am exhausted, what is left to do- haven’t we done it all?

No, not this. We still have stuff to do. And most importantly, we came here to be part of these times, because we knew it would be important.

So remember this, when you yearn for a break, or think it will get easier or better soon. It probably won’t.

The only thing that will get easier is being. Just being. Leaning into human life, with all you are. Knowing you are gOd. And you are here to shine your light. To help bring about calm, peace, joy, love, light, balance, wisdom, teachings of wholeness, how to be ONE.

To unplug from the Matrix of unrealism and come into reality. That we need to unite. And come into love. Teach everyone you can how to LOVE themselves. To release the fear. To know, trust, heal, breathe and be. There is only UNION, within and without. To know this is to know peace.

Nothing else really matters until we do.

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