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Psykiske sten

An eight year Venus cycle

Do not mistake these quiet days as uneventful. In the calm of the sweetness of doing nothing a lifetime of programmed patterning is unraveling. A joining of forces assessing. A decision. An unweaving, an undoing perhaps.

Released from karma. Detached from wanting.

From engaging in the Union that held unfathomable potential for growth and happiness but learning instead that what grows in its shadow when uncharted and unfolded, is a certain dark flower of grief and sadness that threatens to kill you, if you don't transform your life immediately.

Passion and purpose channeled into a mission on behalf of Earth. The ancestors. But now a door has opened. Beckoning you on. There is more. Another journey. Lots of life. Asking you: Is your Heart free? Did you walk into the Fire freely? For whom? With what intention? A measure of meaning... Or simply something joyful?

That party in the Sky. Just for you. Can you feel it? That one day it will happen. One day it will all come true. Two Suns ready to shine just for you. I can feel it.

Is it a New Moon's prayer paradoxical to the contemporary culmination of Yellow light in accordance with your sOul essence, a projection of inner wants and yearnings, doings and dharmas in this realm? What has it to teach you, since you are here? Do you know? Can you really escape your own mission?

The whispers in the morning before you return. Holding the Flower in your hand. You know where you journeyed. It burns in your Heart. Its taste still hot and sweet on your lips. The giggles still in your ears as they rush to leave the room before you fully wake.

You call in your Words and say them out loud to make manifest what you are here to do. To see clearly the vision of gOd within.

The Heart responds. A vision forms. The field that has a name.

Where a Fire burns always. Where consciousness is purified and peace reached within.

There walks a Woman who provides the sOul with answers, when it seeks advice.

The Heart quakes in the wisdom of knowing...It's time for a second visit. Remembering. The walk.

Arriving there again in the final stages of an 8 year cycle give and take the initiations, preparations and the rehearsal, coming to a completion...

'You are free. Do what you want'

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