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Psykiske sten


In the forcefield of your many bodies sensitivity that doubled up by knowing yourself from others serve as a filter.

Whose outbreath are you breathing in?

The awareness to respond rather than react.

Not letting any negativity trespass and pollute your system?

Respecting your self is soul nourishment.

Love is the sole ingredient in everything you allow through because it is in the response from your Heart.

A Sage once said expressed an eloquence similar worded: What you long for is what you still fail to give.

Mistrusting the love of your own Heart sounds paradoxical, but are you clear on your blind angles and are you ready to be that honest with yourself?

Fear runs wild in this World, a drug that ironically takes the pain away, momentarily, makes you fall back asleep.

Thus freed from making any real changes or fully liberating yourself and deleting full consciously, intentionally the programming, you fail to push through.

Drunk and seduced by fitting in, the panic in your cells upon waking makes you crash harder.

The mask you hide behind twisted your face while you held your Breath.

Breathe out now.


Come away from those who cannot stand tall and strong but repeat your own made up stories to you. They don't know you, because you don't tell them who you truly are.

And after... They won't even recognize you. They will see right through you.

Because you don't mirror the lies about the world back to them anylonger.

You have dismissed the Fear and know yourself.

Don't be afraid to walk alone for a while.

It's designed so you can trust the voice within - yourself and your communion with Creativity - undisturbed.

Quiet and solitude.

This Time.

Listen inwards.

What are you feeding your system?

What foods nourish your physical body?

Simplicity now.

Less now.

What lifts your soul?


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